Sunday, September 30, 2012

*October 1

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: up to you]

In schooling the word "test" has a particular set of connotations.  In the world, being tested means different things altogether.  Describe something from your life outside school that tested you.  How?  What did you learn?  Did you pass or fail?

1. Journal
2. Midterm preparation:
  • Determine what resources you'll need (vocabulary lists, to be sure, but what else will help you study?  flashcards?  software/apps?  other people?)
  • Talk and collaborate with people you want to team with
  • Create a schedule for yourself from today until Friday
  • Write a checklist on a piece of paper or device so that you can measure your progress each day
[UPDATE: I'm posting this the day before so that those of you who want to think about this and organize online can get started.]

1. Post your midterm review/study strategy to your blog.
2. Review at least 10 of your colleagues' blogs and comment with suggestions, questions, and thank-yous for good ideas.  If you get an idea worth using from someone else's blog, revise the strategy on your post to include it.  Credit the person who shared the idea by citing his/her blog as the source and including a link back to it.
3. If you find a blog that's worth an honorable mention for content or design, please comment to this post with the URL so that we can all see.



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