Collaborative Working Groups

FACT: Many high school students are excited about learning a concept/skill or pursuing a career that isn't directly covered in the formal curriculum;

FACT: Entrepreneurship is not an element of the traditional high school curriculum;

FACT: There is widespread concern that a lack of business knowledge, creativity, and critical thinking will inhibit your ability to innovate and create economic opportunity in the future.

THEREFORE: You are invited to create Collaborative Working Groups that will enable you to convert your passions into entrepreneurial learning opportunities and (possibly) marketable ventures by: 1)identifying what you're good at and what you want to do; 2)learning how you can immediately extend this value to others' benefit in preparing for the 2012 AP Literature & Composition exam; and 3)learning elements of entrepreneurship and marketing/building awareness through social media.

EXAMPLE: A student who wants to develop video games professionally creates an embeddable, interactive memory game to help with AP literary terms. Other students in the network download the game and raise the author's visibility/value in the network. As she gains recognition, the author learns how to create a business around the idea. Whether or not she actually launches a start-up or becomes an independent designer, she will learn the economics and strategies of entrepreneurship.

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