Friday, April 19, 2013

April 19*


How do you think Gatsby ends?  (If you've already finished the novel, describe your reaction-- did you see it coming?)

1. Journal
2. Discuss chapter 7
3. Begin chapter 8

1. Finish the book and publish your reflective active reading notes (title: THE END OF GATSBY)
2. Create your own characters that are modern versions of the characters in The Great Gatsby.  Write a short story in which these characters embody the social rituals of today's society.  (For example, you can substitute proms/grad nights/quinceaneras for Gatsby's parties.  You can also have fun imitating FSF's writing style, like Key & Peele did.)  *You can also hack the assignment (put the story on Mars, write as a poem, or [?]) as long as you demonstrate your understanding of what FSF did and how he did it. (Thanks for the idea, Ashlie!)

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  1. hey Dr. P i am so sorry. my weekend has honestly been so hectic i did not have a chance to do my assignment ashlie had made. if i do it now can i still get credit for this grading period?