Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 23*

Welcome to postmodernism, where time and traditional boundaries of storytelling are bent, blurred, and ridiculed.  One of the things we'll study is how story tellers in all media use elements of previously produced works (viva la remix!).  For example, the video below made the Internet rounds in 2011; now it's back as background music in a commercial.  Write a short biographical story in which the singer is the protagonist; you can either explain his song or presence on the show in a narrative plot that includes exposition, rising action, a climax, and falling action/resolution/denouement, OR you can imagine how a Russian TV personality came to be trapped into singing in a convenience store freezer.  (OR you can hijack the narrative altogether and create your own premise.)

1. Journal
2. Return Gatsby tests
3. Introduce postmodernism
4. Kurt Vonnegut & Slaughterhouse Five

1. Read Chapter 1 of Slaughterhouse Five (pp.1-22)
2. Post ten active reading notes (points of dis/agreement, points of dis/like, and questions) to your course blog under the title "SCHLACHTHOF EINS" (bonus if you translate and explain)

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