Thursday, May 9, 2013

my best day

In some ways, every day is my best day.  It's a privilege to wake up above the dirt and live this life.  Sometimes, though, to be honest, it's easy to get mired in things [stress, problems, other people's dramas] that distract me from how amazing thinkers really are. And sometimes amazing thinkers are too shy or used to playing the "school game" to declare themselves and do their best work.

Today there were several presentations on postmodernism that rocked, and I'm grateful, because they didn't just teach us about the subject, they taught us about their authors (sorta like we got to know Vonnegut through Slaughterhouse Five). This is why I do what I do.  I especially want to thank Jon & Analyssa for stepping so far outside the box that for just a moment I forgot there was a box.  Your presentations were terrific and I've embedded them below.

To all the quiet people who haven't yet discovered their opportunity to shine in this course: I can't wait for your best day.

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