Saturday, December 8, 2012

i'd like your opinion

What do you think about this grading policy?


  1. I would like to succeed, just like everyone else, with an A, but I think it should depend on how much we tried in the class. If our blogs are up-to-date and we made the effort, I think we should get at least a B

    1. Scratch that. I like that policy.

  2. even though this would effect me greatley, I do believe you are being to relax on grading.

  3. That grading policy is very planned out and organized. It seems a little tough, but definitely unique. I like how the teacher has grade contracts with what needs to be done to get the grade.

  4. i dont like it. too harsh, yeah your grading us kinda easy now, but that kinda scared me..and i want a good grade.. so noooooo.

  5. Although I like the pre-planned contract, and it would be neat to try something different, i think it would be confusing and difficult to get everyone on the same page with this. I also think it a little tough.