Tuesday, December 11, 2012

semester endgame

On Friday, December 14 we will plan next steps for the break and discuss next semester.  To prepare for that conversation please answer the following questions on your blog in a post entitled, "Fall Semester Reflection." 

  1. Do you read your colleagues’ work online?  How often? What is it like to read their work? How does being able to see everyone’s work online at any given time change the way you do your work?
  2. How has the publicly and always visible course blog made this course different from one without a blog?  How would the course change if the course blog disappeared tomorrow?
  3. Has publishing your work for the public to see changed your approach to completing an assignment? How so?  How would your feelings about the course change if you couldn’t publish your work that way?
  4. Has your experience of the physical classroom changed because of the open & online aspects?  Where does your learning actually happen?  
  5. You were described in the Macarthur Foundation/DML  interview as “a pioneer”-- how do you describe the experience on the edge to people who haven’t been there (friends and family)?
  6. How do they respond when you describe the brave new world in which you’re working?
  7. What do their responses mean to you?  What effect(s) (if any) do they have on you?

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  1. hey dr preston did you send me the things i need to do to set up my blog ? if you did , i didnt get it because i dont see anything .