Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 12*

JOURNAL TOPIC: What are you learning this morning while we're stuck testing and you're free to move about the world's cabin?

AGENDA: 1. Journal 2. Brave New World & projects per the understanding in our brave new world: as Howard Rheingold likes to say, "What it is is up to us." HW: 1. [whatever you think will enhance, amplify, accelerate, and ensure your ability to achieve the goals we set out yesterday.]

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  1. http://ts3.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.4868359205554362&pid=1.7&w=184&h=147&c=7&rs=1

    this movie called Equilibrium and it is so similar to both F451 and brave new world which gets creepier by the page. It's similar to F451 for it to bans things that would jeopardize the safety of a society. In the movie it outlaws anything that causes anyone to fell and also portrays a man who jobs is to get rid of those things to slowly start to question why is this right. It's similar to brave new world for as far as I have read because the ruling government in the time period are very controlling of the public.