Thursday, March 7, 2013

March 7*

{REMINDER: WE'RE MEETING IN COLLEGE OFFICE.  If you left your journal in class please pick up/complete/turn in during period 3 or 4.}


Would you rather live in tornado country, where you (hope you can) count on weather reports and warning systems to give you advance notice, or in earthquake country, where you need to be mentally prepared for the unexpected all the time?

1. Journal
2. Presentation courtesy of Mrs. Dirkes

1. Begin working on your March literature analysis (if you haven't already)
2. Thought you wouldn't have a vocab quiz this week?  Wrong.  It will be held in class on Monday.  Guarantee yourself success by posting VOCAB REVIEW REMIX to your blog-- everyone who tells a short story using the vocab words will receive credit applicable to Monday's quiz.
3. Use the long weekend to catch up on any missing work/sleep.
4. Continue investigating your Modernist author informally so you can hit the ground running when we begin the Modernist Author Project-- for REALZ-- on Monday.

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