Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4


What will RHS look like in 10 years?  100?  1000?  Will it still exist, will it be underwater, will it be an overgrown archaeological site, will it be in a bubble, will it be virtual?

1. Journal
2. Introduce MAP and part I of author research
3. Vocab
4. Check out Brave New World

1. Post the five most interesting facts/ideas you can find on the Modernist author you selected in a post entitled, MAP (1): INTRODUCING [AUTHOR NAME]
2. Post vocab definitions/remix
3. Finish Brave New World Foreword


  1. As I was reading the foreword I didn't understand the word "kropotkinesque" I don't know if its a word or if its a reference to something

    1. Huxley conjured the adjective in reference to Prince Kropotkin (info here: After you read the entry, reply with an idea as why Huxley blended him into that sentence?

  2. I believe he blended him into it because kropotkin belived in communism and science was the way to live everyday life and religion would be all they would have to look foward to he wanted to enslave them and that was the subject that he was on explaining that would be the third option that he would have given

  3. Replies
    1. Understood the connection between Kropotkin--> cooperative--> communism; nice work. But wasn't Huxley saying that people should use sci/tech intelligently and not be enslaved to them? Not sure where anarchy fits. Wasn't the third alternative sanity in the social mainstream?

  4. Yes I misread the bibliography about kropotkin and I re read the page again it makes more sense thanks.