Sunday, November 4, 2012

*November 5

JOURNAL TOPICS: [today's tunes: "My Hero" by the Foo Fighters; "Heroes" by David Bowie]

Heroes are essential to humanity. Every culture throughout history has chronicled their experiences. Today their role is more important than ever; heroes inspire us to think differently, act differently, and ultimately become better versions of ourselves. Even though everyone gets the general idea of a hero, however, the people we admire are as individual as we are. They may have impressive personalities, intellects or physical attributes; they may be ordinary people who accomplish extraordinary goals; they may be public or private. They may even be our friends and relatives.

Write a letter to someone you consider to be a hero. Explain to this person why s/he is heroic and tell the person how s/he has moved or inspired you.

1. Journal
2. Socratic seminar
[suggested topics: characters and events of "Legend of Sleepy Hollow"; the essay; vocabulary; recent speakers; study/blog strategies; "Modern Thinkers"; how the course can provide maximal value to every participant from now until the end of the semester]
3. Take notes on the Socratic seminar and comment to this post with your suggestions for this week's vocabulary list, which will be posted by the time you leave campus tomorrow so you can do HW #1.

(There's a chance I won't be there, so would you please capture on phones and upload to the YouTube channel?  As always please be mindful; before you turn on the camera ask everyone whether it's ok to include their image in the video-- if they say "no" please don't.  Thanks.)

1. Post definitions and sentences/remix to your blog under title "fall vocab #10" (due by COB Monday 11.5)
2. Comment to the romanticism essay post from your Socratic seminar notes
3. Write the romanticism essay and bring a hard copy (typed or handwritten) 

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