Saturday, November 3, 2012

our chat with cory doctorow

On Halloween Cory Doctorow joined us to talk about writing, his new book Pirate Cinema, Internet culture, the evils of content filters, and the future of learning in the Information Age.

Here's the video (Note: Cory's image freezes at 23:58 but the audio goes on and it's worth a listen).


  1. it''s scary to know that there are snoops watching everything we do :o

  2. read the sample of pirate cinema from Itunes today when i was home sick. really wish i hadnt. now im sucked up in another book but dont have any money atm to actually buy the book lol. i love how the society the book talks about is somewhat true and i can see in the not so distant future. its also so different than any other book i have read(and enjoyed) there is no witches and wizards. no districts set to chose a tribute to fight to the death. no halfbloods and gods. its somewhat scary to think that anyone could lose their internet access just by downloading something illegally. i mean its SO easy to. heck you can illegally download something on accident knowing nothing about it, thats how easy it is, i think that's what makes the book good with also the humor cory put in. :)