Wednesday, January 16, 2013

i have to swim against her?

The title of this article should be, "I GET to Swim Against Her?"  When did people get so afraid of testing themselves against the best?  Who wants to reminisce by saying, "When I was in high school I almost competed against an Olympian but my parents and my school didn't think I was good enough and they worried that my fragile self-esteem might be crushed if I lost a swim meet..."?


  1. Thanks for the article! I enjoyed reading it and learning about Missy Franklin's high school swimming career. I can't believe she turned down three million dollars a year just to be normal...

  2. Swimming against an Olympian should be an honor, i mean yeah they have the extra foot ahead in compititions but she is one of the best swimmers to look up to in this sport. She has always loved swimming, and always is smiling and having the time of her life. That should be enough and not have to be fought against by the other local high schools. Shes just trying to have a regular school life, why not let her.

    1. If she takes the money she can be set for college and able to start out her life with a little bit of money. I'd take the money, and save it for college. Also, it's not like accepting it would have a bad impact on her social life. She would still be the same person.

  3. WOW! okay so i'm on the swim team for righetti. and i just cant believe her decision to turn down the endorcements and stay amature. like really if shes so good then winning doesnt mean anything if its no compitition. Its like a ferrari racing a prius. Don't you think the ferrari driver would get bored? i mean yeah winning is nice and it feels good, but when you are leaps and bounds ahead of your rival, ir doesnt mean a whole lot. But thats just my take on it. Cool Read :)