Friday, January 25, 2013

literature analysis remix

This semester, in addition to choosing what you'll read, you can choose how best to represent the answers to the Literature Analysis Questions (please be sure to consult the link before each Literature Analysis-- the questions are the same for January, but they'll change for February and March).

Last semester we talked about remix (you can review the resources here), and the fact that remixing is a way of creating new messages out of previously produced material.  When you remix you are sending a message-- you're teaching your audience.  And to teach something, you have to learn it twice. 

So, whether you use elements of the text, audio, pics, video, traditional paragraphs, all of the above, or something else altogether, make sure your blog viewers can easily get the information they need by consulting your LITERATURE ANALYSIS REMIX #[1, 2, 3...] posts.

The first one is due next Thursday, January 31.

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