Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 16*

Reflect on the process of memorization and the meaning of the poem.  What did you learn through the process of reading deeply/repetitively?  What questions do you have about the context of t poem and the techniques evident in it? 

1. Welcome to English B

1. Finish journal
2. In a post on your blog entitled THEME FOR ENGLISH 3, compare your own experience in school with the narrator's in "Theme for English B."  Some questions for you to consider along the way:
  • Are you the person your teachers think you are?  
  • Can you be your real self as you pursue knowledge and find your place in the world?  
  • What elements of you do you have to check at the gate when you get to school? 
  • Do you have interests, talents or experiences that could add meaning to the class and enrich the learning experience for you and others?
  • What elements of you do you think is valued by school and the "powers-that-be"?  
  • What do you feel compelled to keep private?  
  • Is it possible for you to take ownership of your learning process and demonstrate what you know, or is your role in learning a function of authority and power relationships?

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