Sunday, September 9, 2012

head start on YGB essay and next vocab list

I was just thinking about how to help you with next week's vocab list and also make sure you understand "Young Goodman Brown."  Here's what I came up with:

If there are any words you don't understand in "Young Goodman Brown," list them as comments to this post.  If you find the definition, or if someone else does, include it as a reply to the comment with the word.  Same with an example of usage (sentence or commentary will do).  I won't ring in unless I see something that needs clarification or correction.

Any word that is listed in this thread will be on the vocabulary list.  You get an extra day, the words have practical value, and the practice means you're more likely to remember them Friday.

The comment thread is open.


  1. So is YGM promt on connections of the story being a dream or reality

    1. You Know What i think Hawthrone Is Describing A schitzophranic Person Because Young Goodman Brown Doesn't Know If He Is Dreaming Or Not, Am i Right?

    2. Woah, I never thought of it like that! That is a clever thing to come up with!