Saturday, September 8, 2012

"what should I have on my blog?"

Your blogs show individual styles and perspectives that provide windows on the course. Most of you already have the basics and you've added elements of your own.

Since the first couple weeks blew by in a flurry of newness, it might be useful to audit your blog and your comments to the course blog against the following list to make sure you've got what you need. (Reminder: this is in addition to in-class assignments such as vocabulary quizzes, "Richard Cory" etc.)  If you have any questions please comment to this post, or email, or stop by in person.  Mahalo.

So far you should have:
(NOTE: Post usually refers to what you put on your blog; comment usually refers to what you put here on the course blog.
  • Commented to the opening post (NOTE: If you weren't a part of that conversation, please comment with your opinion on the idea anyway.  Take the opportunity to express your view and ask any questions that will help you get what you need out of the experience.  Also please make sure to express any concerns or objections.  This isn't someone else's policy or learning process, it's ours.  Yours.  And your process is interdependent-- we're going to need each other-- so everyone needs at least a snapshot of how everyone else is thinking about it.  Check out the Ben Franklin quote.)
  • Posted Assignment #1
  • Posted Reflections on Week 1 (prompts: #4 in this HW and #2 in this one) [NOTE: If you weren't here for Week 1, reflect on your first week in the class.]
  • Vocabulary #1 Redux (and have a look at the list if you missed it, because those words will crop up on a mid-term and a final exam)
  • Commented to this post
  • Posted per this assignment on Young Goodman Brown (HW#1)
  • Posted an interview with a parent or someone outside school about the course (originally assigned for Hack to School Night, but since we have an ongoing online record, we're not limited to one night)
  • Posted answers to these questions on Young Goodman Brown
  • Posted definitions and sentences for Vocabulary: Fall List #2
  • Posted notes/comments on "Meanings, Signs & Symbols (Part I)"
  • Posted something you learned about online security from Ian's presentation
  • Posted 10 symbols/analysis from YGB
  • Posted whether or not you think symbolism is the most important thing you can learn
  • Posted an "AHA!" moment from lecture.

Did I miss anything? :)


  1. Yes, thank you Dr. Preston i have been waiting for this for couple days now. Sorry i have been bugging you to post this. I'm just far behind on this. I don't want to fail.

    1. No worries, Ashley, I was hoping to post sooner and I appreciate the fact that you're on top of things-- keep up the great work!

    2. are you going to keep adding on to this?

  2. On the seventh bullet, about the Hack To School Night interview, do you mean we post the questions and answers to our blog? I was not at Hack To School Night, so does this assignment still apply to me?

    1. Originally I posed these questions for the "official" Hack to School Night, but the next day a student pointed out that our blogs are timeless and the questions are relevant throughout the year, so I changed my mind and agreed that these conversations are valuable anytime. So, even though you weren't at the event, you can still have the conversation and get tribute credit on Project Infinity.

    2. Oh okay, thank you for clarifying!

  3. If I turned in the Hack To School Night paper the day after do I still have to post it to my blog?

  4. On the 5th bullet point where it says "Commented on this post" I'm not sure the link is to the correct post.

    1. I believe it is. Did you scroll down all the way?

  5. Thanks!! about to post the stuff i missed(: !!