Wednesday, September 5, 2012

your opinion on school

Some members of last year's founding network created an international, multi-media research group.  One of the collaborators, Jasmin Baier, lives in Austria and extended her work into a project entitled, "How the United States culture is reflected in their high school system."  To further inform her work, Jasmin has posted an online survey here; please take a few moments and share your perspective.  I'm sending Jasmin the link to this post, so please also feel free to comment with your ideas and/or get in on the international think works.  Mahalo.


  1. This was interesting, It got me to break out of my daily routine and think about my days at school. Do I like it here? Do I like my teachers? I hope this is sent to the education board to show them how life is for a student preparing to be out on their own.

  2. I also found it interesting. Personally, I enjoy taking surveys and this one let me express how I feel about my school, and feel like I have a voice. It was also interesting to see the percentages of how other students from American schools voted.