Friday, September 21, 2012

"self-regulated learners"

I just got an email advertising the online conference below, which costs $345 to attend.  Shouldn't college freshmen-- who are legally adults and theoretically able to lead independent lives in our culture and economy-- be able to think, plan, and take action independently by the time they graduate HS?  Please comment with your thoughts.


  1. i think this is so awesome !!!! Thank you for sharing this with us (:

  2. I think that they should absolutely be able to lead independent lives. They are now in college and living on their own with no parents so its just another way of having independence! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think that if your "legally" an adult you need to start acting like one. An 18 year old high school graduate should have already been considering financial funds and organization for when they move out. Of course not every 18 year old will be able to live independently and support themselves accordingly considering all the necessities that go with living on your own, but they should be at their "breaking point" to where they should be about ready to live independent lives. Besides, isn't the "college experience" all about independence in the first place?