Monday, September 17, 2012

Vocabulary: Fall List #5



  1. allude- refer casually or indirectly
    Hopefully I can allude that I need money while talking to my dad.

    clairvoyant- having or claiming to have the power of seeing objects
    The mind reader claims that she is clairvoyant to my past.

    conclusive- serving to settle or decide a question
    I am conclusive to whether or not I want to go swimming or running.

    disreputable- having a bad reputation
    Some people are disreputable because of what they' ve done in their past.

    endemic- belonging exclusively or confined to a particular place
    Christians are endemic to the church.

    exemplary-worthy if imitation
    Elvis is very exemplary, that is why he is all over las vegas.

    fathom- a unit of length equal to six feet
    That ladder is fathom to the ground according to my measuring tape.

    guile-crafty or artful deception integrity
    Martial arts is very guile by the way the your body moves.

    itinerary- a detailed plan for a journey
    I have an itinerary for when I go and visit brazil.

    misconstrue-to misunderstand the meaning of
    I totally misconstrued the homework for tonight.

    obnoxious-loud, annoying
    The little girl is crying and it is very obnoxious.

    placate-to appease or pacify
    The sheriff will placate the speeding driver by giving him a ticket.

    placid-pleasantly calm or peaceful
    The sound of the ocean is so placid and it puts me in such a better mood.

    plagiarism- an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author's work as one's own
    It is considered cheating if use plagiarism on my essay.

    potent-powerful, mighty
    The MMA fighter looks very potent for his fight.

    pretext-something that is put forward to conceal a true purpose or object
    The pretext of the story is that it is fake when it is actually real.

    protrude-to thrust forward
    The runner of the race is going to protude all of his efforts to win his race.

    stark-harsh, grim, or desolate
    The boyscamp teacher is very stark towards the children.

    superficial-being at, on, or near the surface
    The island is superficial to the water in the ocean.

  2. 1. allude-to refer to something the author thinks you should know

    clairvoyant- able to read mind

    3.conclusive- final or decisive. to conclude

    4.disreputable- of a poor reputation

    5.endemic- native to an enviorment

    6.exemplary-Serving as a desirable model; representing the best of its kind

    7.fathom- nodical measure of depth. to understand


    9.integrity- inegrating thought speech and action

    10.itinerary-trip schedule or plan

    11.misconstrue-to misunderstand

    12.obnoxious-rude, loud. abrasive

    13.placate- to calm down or satisfy


    15.plagiarism-taking someones writing without permission


    17.pretext- an excuse. text before the text

    18.protrude-to speakout

    19.stark-easy to see


  3. do we have post the definitions in "dictionary" form or is this fine?