Friday, August 17, 2012

*August 17

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "Little Know It All" by Iggy Pop and "Words (Between the Lines of Age)" by Neil Young]

Consider the following image (courtesy of the fine folks at BoingBoing). What issues/problems/challenges in your life once seemed HUGE but got smaller as you gained a greater perspective on things--as you learned? As you reflect, step back and "watch" yourself go through the process of remembering; how does the way you tell yourself the story reinforce ideas and feelings: how does it teach you? [Update: Watching students, re-reading this and thinking the topic needs more seasoning: a) How does gaining a greater perspective motivate you to make the world a better place; and b) when is it appropriate to use words that have an emotionally cathartic effect?

1. Journal/turn in
2. Vocabulary quiz/correct
3. More "Richard Cory"

1. Launch your blog and email the link to
2. If you aced "Richard Cory" you get to pick our next readings. Have a look at these sites-- Native American Culture, Native American Myths of Creation, and American Folklore-- and then do your own research to find other sources that may have better choices. Identify your top 3-5 and email to
3. If you did not ace "Richard Cory" you can go double-or-nothing. Get two As--and probably mad tribute on Project Infinity-- by reciting Jimmy Santiago Baca's "Immigrants in Our Own Land" on Monday. This is a poem we'll all get to in Spring; if you learn it now you can teach it then.
4. Think about the week in this class. Reflect on where you felt strong and where you felt like "[gulp]." Think of something you need to work on and change. Think of ways your colleagues and I can help. Post these ideas to your blog. I'll plan to read at 8:30 Sunday evening.

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  1. Does the reading we get to research on have to be on Native American genre?