Tuesday, August 28, 2012

intro to online security tomorrow

"How do I ennumerate a 128-bit cryptographic sequence?"

That question won't be answered in class tomorrow.

BUT... in the spirit of Open Source Learning, any of your other questions might be.

SO... what questions do you have?

We'll be covering the basics of digital identity/literacy: passwords, pop-ups, and social networking. If you have a specific question or an idea about what you'd like to see, please comment to this post.

This is the beginning of a longer conversation, so if you get an idea after the presentation, please post that here too. Thanks!


  1. http://compnetworking.about.com/od/networksecurityprivacy/l/aa011303a.htm

    i dont know if that holds the answer. but i thought it was cool looking up.

  2. So, will I be able to turn this online security into a benificial thing, like keeping my parents from snooping through my stuff? Because that is what I really need.

    1. haha yes you do need to learn that connor. i suggest maybe google searching for some ideas on that, passwords and what not. lol. why are your parents all strict with you and all whatev's with your sister? lol