Thursday, August 16, 2012

online sharing and community

As I learn about new tools and opportunities I will pass them along. For instance: Shannon Fahey (RHS '12) introduced me to a relative who works for When I emailed to suggest the company collaborate with you all, she shared a little about the company, including the CEO's initiative, which was created in response to the shootings at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.

As you think about our work together and the work you're doing to get where you want to go in life, do you see these online tools (and others with similar features and values) as opportunities for self-expression and community-building? How might you use them for the purposes? Comments welcome.


  1. i can definately see the opprotunities with online tools. to beable to go where you wantin life you need online tools now and days. without the online tools many people wouldn't have gotten where they are today. like for example college, you can look up your future in a second or enroll into a college online in no time. and f you succeed by what you want out of life you express yourself as you succeed so i do think that online toolsare helpful for self expression and community-building.
    michaila bohard period 1

    1. Online tools are a great resource that I don't think people are using to it's full potential. Such as our blog, what a great new resource! I mean, how great is it to get on the blog and post a question about a certain topic, rather than searching tediously online for a legitimate answer? Even if you do find your answer online, how can you be sure it is credible? On this blog we are able to have a conversation involving our entire class and teacher, which will end up at the point we all come to a point where we agree on an answer. And after that, we have the conversation in whole, documented and we can see just how we got there. I am very excited for the future of online resources and applaud all the individuals who are a part of it.

    2. I agree,
      But not only is it a great tool for helping us with problems but its also a great tool for helping us open up. Think about out. Normally You don't see kids walking around talking like how they do when they post comments. They take to real logic out of there pockets and place it on the table, If it where just another school day it would be something like "Oh, She did this" or "He did that." With this tool kids tend to let the best of them poor out to leave the best impression, Some ways in good and others in bad its a perminant imprint of who you will make yourself out to be. The internet is full of colorful characters. Trust me.

  2. The online web is bringing us information faster than ever before, and with new tools to help us manipulate that information into use. When we need something, we simply go online to find whatever information we need and use multiple tools to maneuver us to that sought-after knowledge. I think that these tools make opportunities for self-expression and community-building by spreading a common thought or idea with a wide number of people with that same thought.

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    1. frank. that was a pointless post bro. good effort tho. trololol

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  4. my mom always teases me when i have to do a report or something. She is always telling me how "back in her day" they had to walk to the library up hill(both ways) in 100 degree weather in the snow just to read some old books that might have the information she is looking for. and now for the new generations. Knowldge about anything in the world is literally. at the tips of our fingers. it is quite well ridiculous. i sure as hell am glad to be able to just look on my phone and see new things. but. i fear that the BURGEON of technology. When i have kids. i will be saying stuff like "well back in my day we actually had to TYPE what we were looking for" i cant wait to see what new tech. we will have in the future
    MattReynolds P1