Saturday, August 18, 2012

vocabulary quiz #1 redux

Since so many of you bounced back and recited "Richard Cory" in class, and time was short on your vocabulary quiz, demonstrate your expertise (and claim full credit for it) by writing to your blog. Write 1-2 paragraphs describing the first week of this course and your hopes/expectations for the future using all of the vocabulary words. (Please capitalize, use a different font color, or highlight the words so they're easy for your readers to find). ***NOTE: I didn't forget about "The Right to Your Opinion"-- we'll talk about that Monday as an introduction to logic/rhetoric.


  1. Thank you for this opportunity to utilize technology. I've never used a blog before and in my opinion this well help me increase my knowledge in technology and prepare me for college. I'm looking forward to increase my vocabulary with the words we'll be learning.

  2. how do i know for sure that my blog is either working, or even finalized for you to read what i wrote ?

  3. I thought our vocab quiz was supposed to be the first week using vocab words... I hope it wasn't supposed to be definitions..