Monday, August 20, 2012

*August 20

JOURNAL TOPIC: (today's tunes: "Learning to Fly" performed by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and "Learning to Fly" performed by Pink Floyd)

What did you learn in this class last week?

1. Journals
2. Observations on Week 1/feedback on journals & assignments so far
3. Vocabulary
4. Poetry
5. Review "The Right to Your Own Opinion"
5. Creation myths and the beginnings of American literature

1. Read "Earth on Turtle's Back"
2. Now that you've had a chance to use the tools and think about how reflect, answer the following questions in a post on your blog entitled, "Reflections on Week 1"
  1. Are there any factors that you think are going to affect your participation or experience in this class? (Access to a computer, cell phone, transportation? Family that can help or hassle? Friends that can help or hassle? Scheduling factors that can help or hassle?) 
  2. Think of an awesome (or the best ever) learning experience (or an experience where you changed) What was it you learned?  Where were you? What happened? Who else was there? Did it teach you anything about how you learn (or pay attention... or think?) How did you know what was happening? 
  3. What are you most [excited/concerned] about in this class? What do you look forward to in learning?  How do you think it can/will make a practical difference in your life?


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    1. Hi Shirlee, email for more info. :)

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  3. 1. The only factor that would affect my participation is the fact that I do not have a smart phone or even a phone at all, at the moment. This will not negatively impact my experience in this class, although it would have been a great tool to help positively impact my participation in this class.
    2. Honestly, I have never had an amazing learning experience. I am hoping this year I will.
    3. In this class, I am most excited about just getting a better understanding on what is really going on around me and have a much better perspective on it as well. I am most concerned about the memorization aspect of this class, as far as vocabulary words, exc. I do look forward to learning more about computers and technology in general. I believe this class will better me for college courses and being more independent and responsible.