Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February 27*

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "Hunting Song" by Felix Mendelssohn; "Hunter (TV Theme)" by Mike Post; "The Seeker" by The Who]

What are you looking for?  Each day, as you wake up, do this, complete that, worry about this, fix that, talk to him, listen to her, eat this, drink that, what are you looking for?

1. Journal
2. Applied Modernism
3. How NOT to write an essay

1. In a post on your blog entitled, APPLIED MODERNISM, draft a pre-write and an essay in response to the following prompt:

"Why is [Fahrenheit 451, Theme for English B, Richard Cory, The First Seven Years] considered a Modernist work?


  1. i thought we did this in class? do we still post what we wrote??

    1. You did the essay too? In class most of us just did the Modernist notes & pre-write. If you wrote a whole essay, you can post what you wrote; otherwise, please use one of the pre-writes to complete an essay. (Extra credit for more than one.)

    2. Ohhhh, i thought we were supposed to write a essay like paper in class so i wrote alot for all three. ill post them anyways (:

    3. You rock. Looking forward to reading! :)