Thursday, February 21, 2013

riddle me this

So, Jesse comes by this afternoon and shows me the following puzzle.  I love this kind of @#$%! and I'm always inclined to gnaw on a good puzzle like a dog on a bone, but there are grades (ugh) to file and miles to go before I sleep...

Wait!  I know a bunch of smart people.  First person to comment with the correct answer wins.


  1. I found this level on my phone and typed in almost everything it took me like two days but when I finally got it, it was CYAN

  2. I don't know exactly what CYAN is so I looked it up :
    And I got Blue as the definition

    1. Chase, you came up big. Thanks! Doesn't it make you wonder what this group could do to real problems in short periods of time? Any ideas on what we should solve? While I'm thinking about human/machine collaboration, the Seti at Home site I mentioned is here: